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Apricot Spread

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Apricot spread that is made by soaking dried apricots in water until they become plump and hydrated, then pureeing them to create a spreadable consistency. The spread is entirely made of fruit and contains no added sugar or preservatives. The bottles are heat sterilized and vacuum sealed to maintain the freshness of the product.

Rehydrated apricots made to pulp.
No preservatives, chemicals or additives added.
  1. Lower in Calories: Sugar-free apricot spread contains fewer calories than traditional apricot spread made with added sugar. This can help individuals who are trying to manage their weight or reduce their overall calorie intake.
  2. Better for Dental Health: Our apricot spread is also better for dental health since it does not contain added sugars that can contribute to tooth decay.
  3. High in Nutrients: Apricots are a good source of fiber, vitamin A, C & E, potassium and high in anti-oxidants which can provide several health benefits such as improved digestion, eye health, and blood pressure regulation. 
  1. Spread on Toast: One of the most popular ways to consume apricot spread is to spread it on toast as a substitute for jam. It makes for a delicious and healthy breakfast or snack option.
  2. Mix into Yogurt: Another way to consume apricot spread is to mix it into yogurt. This adds natural sweetness and flavor to plain yogurt and makes for a tasty and healthy breakfast or snack.
  3. Use as a Filling for Baked Goods: Apricot spread can also be used as a filling for baked goods like muffins, cakes, and tarts. It adds a fruity sweetness and moisture to baked goods and makes them more delicious.
  4. Add to breakfast cereal meal :You can also top your rye flakes or buckwheat flakes meal  with apricot spread to add some flavor and sweetness to your breakfast
  5. Use as a Glaze: Apricot spread can be used as a glaze for meats like chicken or pork. It adds a sweet and tangy flavor to the meat and helps keep it moist during cooking.
  6. Mix into Salad Dressing: Another way to consume apricot spread is to mix it into salad dressing. It adds a fruity sweetness to the dressing and makes salads more flavorful. Mix it with our Moringa and Seeds paste to make a healthy spread or dip.

  7. Refreshing Drink : Mix it in cold water with our Winter White Honey for a refreshing drink
Sweet and Tangy, Nutty, Earthy, Pulpy, Fruity.
May contain traces of Nuts.

Refrigerate once opened.

keep the lid tightly closed.

always use a clean and dry spoon.

consume within 30 days of opening.

Dry Apricots are sourced from Kullu, Manali & Ladakh Regions.
Ethically Sourced
100% Natural
No Chemicals & Preservatives
+ Pranic Food
Himalayan gatherers have come up with best quality and scrumptious products right at my doorsteps… Great packaging, timely delivered, and every product was wrapped up cautiously. Happy me…
Satyam pal
Overwhelmed with the purity of the products. 100 percent natural plus healthy. I wanted something for my daily Vitamin A, B and E and Apricot spread has all in it.
Tapasya B.
Absolutely delicious …must try
Purnima Bali
Must buy product
Appreciate high quality ingredients and packaging

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